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The Promise of the Connected Kitchen Ecosystem

Why the connected kitchen? And why should everyone in the appliances, devices and food sectors care about Internet-enabled kitchen appliances and devices?

It’s simple: Connected kitchens provide a direct link from the consumer to the grocer’s digital cart. More importantly, that connection occurs at the most opportune time – when consumers realize they need or want an item.


What’s a Connected Device?

In truth, the opportunities are endless; so far we’ve seen kitchen tablets, connected radios, smart TVs, smart refrigerators, and other kitchen appliances serve as connected devices. We expect to see connected coffee machines, water filters, soda-makers, and much more in the near future.


Getting There

While the promise is huge, getting there is no small feat. What’s needed is close collaboration between appliance and device manufacturers, grocery retailers, and leading CPG brands.

That’s where Freshub comes in. We’ve studied how consumers make purchasing decisions. Leveraging this know-how, we work with manufacturers to add kitchen-grocer connectivity to their devices and appliances. We also work with leading international and national grocers to link their e-commerce services right into connected kitchen appliances and devices and we facilitate business relationships between all these parties.