Freshub proudly introduces Smart Kitchen Commerce, a solution allowing consumers to easily and seamlessly fulfill shopping decisions right in their own kitchen. With Freshub, you can add any item to your grocery cart and place orders with your retailer at any time, in the comfort of your kitchen, with natural voice commands or by simply waving your hand.

Industries we’re here to serve



Open up a digital storefront at the very heart of consumers’ kitchens

Enable shoppers to instantly add items to their shopping list in the convenience of their home, with natural voice commands or by a simple wave of the hand

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Connected appliance

Introduce groundbreaking grocery shopping solutions designed specifically for connected IoT appliance screens

Achieve increased market share via grocers mass marketing your connected appliances, offer consumers differentiating value, and gain substantial new IoT media-driven revenue streams

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Digital grocery
platform providers

Enhance eGrocery experience by seamlessly connecting your systems to the emerging Smart Kitchen

Expand your reach to where grocery purchasing and replenishment decisions are typically made to significantly increase online basket-share

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Who We Are

Freshub is a leading provider of Smart Kitchen Commerce technology. Our solutions bring grocery retailers, appliance manufacturers, and eGrocery and digital coupon providers together, to make the IoT-driven smart kitchen a reality.

We offer consumers direct access to their retailers of choice from the comfort of their homes, allowing them to easily add items to online shopping carts, maintain dynamic shopping lists and clip digital coupons. Our technology enables them to do so via natural voice commands, or by simply waving desired grocery items in front of such display-enabled connected kitchen appliances as refrigerators, microwaves countertop music players and smart bins.


Freshub is driven by a seasoned executive team of renowned professionals with many years of aggregate multidisciplinary experience in technology and in global business, retail and partnership management. We have a proven track record of delivering state-of-the-art solutions that dramatically transform and improve people’s lives, and are all set to do make our mark yet again.

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Iri Zohar
Founder & CEO

A serial entrepreneur and innovator always at the forefront technology, and a world-renowned AdTech industry expert, Iri is a proven authority on startup strategy, business modeling and strategy execution. He has founded, led and completed the successful sale of eXelate and Oridian (acquired by Ybrant), two of Israel’s largest and most prominent Internet companies.

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Ofer Solomon
Founder & CTO

A global expert in computer vision and image processing, Ofer has driven the development of state-of-the-art algorithms modeled after the human brain, enabling machine recognition of visual patterns in real-life environments. Ofer has led the team of scientists behind the computer vision aspects of Israel’s breakthrough “Iron Dome” anti-missile defense system.

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Ruthie Weitz-Leopold
VP Marketing

A seasoned marketing executive with more than 20 years of experience, Ruthie has developed quite the reputation for her ability to deliver measurable business results. She has previously served as VP Marketing with some of the world’s largest and most prominent technology vendors, including Amdocs, eglue, Retalix and NCR.

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Gena Minevich

An software development executive with strong multidisciplinary skills, rich programming experience and a proven success record, Gena’s greatest passion is to transform innovative ideas into practical reality. Gena has led software development breakthroughs with numerous hi-tech companies, including Oridian (acquired by Ybrant), RoadData and Progmatix, among others.

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Yamit Keren
VP Finance & Operations

A senior executive experienced with financial management and development of the organization’s strategic goals. A true “people person” who believes in seamless alignment between business objectives and the interests of the individuals. Yamit has a rich and successful history driving productivity and efficiency improvement, and has previously founded and served as COO at Nirox Web Innovation, a leading Israeli online marketing agency.

To secure Freshub’s success, we’ve joined forces with an elite team of trusted advisers, all renowned in their respective domains.

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Avner Sadot
CEO, Nekuda Design

A visionary with years of experience in product design and project management. Previously Avner worked for: Eureka technologies,Keter

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Kevin Lyons
Nielsen Marketing Cloud

A highly recognized expert in analytics and data optimization. Previously Kevin worked for: x+1],, Harte-Hanks Inc

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Professor Sunil Gupta
Harvard Business School

One of the world’s foremost authorities on digital marketing and consumer behavior.

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Lisa Kent
Founder & President,
Luminations Group

An experienced CEO and Chief Marketing Officer, with proven strategic, creative and financial management skills. Previously Lisa worked for: netgrocer, Johnson & Johnson, Procter & Gamble - Richardson-Vicks Division

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Itay Sherman
Founder & CEO,
Itay Sherman Consulting

An entrepreneur and top performing executive with extensive experience in technology development. Previously Itay worked for: power matters alliance, DOTWO, modu

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Mike Spindler
Chief Executive,

An inventive technology executive renowned for successfully evolving online grocery shopping from niche science project to legitimate sales channel. Previously Mike worked for: ShelfSnap LLC, Panther Mountain Companies, LLC, Gladson Interactive

Join Us

We are looking for creative minds to share our vision taking grocery retailing into new directions.

Freshub is one of the most innovative, progressive, yet truly friendly companies tailored to address forward-thinking retailers, appliances manufacturers and digital grocery platform providers who wish to become players in the emerging world IoT.

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