Many appliance manufacturers have long realized that to remain relevant and competitive, they must up their game… make their products smarter and extend their usefulness beyond their originally intended functionality. Much like mobile phone manufacturers transformed their offerings from mere communication devices to mini connected computing powerhouses, so are common household and kitchen appliances – empowered by Web connection and fitted with displays and intuitive user interfaces – now starting to offer consumers new, enhanced functionality.

Innovation can’t stop there, however. To fully capitalize on the potential of this transformation, appliance manufacturers must seek to establish a full-fledged connected kitchen ecosystem. This ecosystem should ideally serve as an integral part of the connected home, and be capable of seamlessly tapping into emerging eGrocery and digital coupon trends. Most importantly, it must be able to offer consumers the freedom and flexibility of fulfilling purchasing decisions in the comfort of their homes – right from the kitchen, at any time and from any smart connected appliance.

Claim your stake in the evolving smart home… Seize the opportunity to become an essential player in the rapidly emerging Smart Kitchen ecosystem.

Freshub, a leading provider of Smart Kitchen Commerce solutions, is ideally geared to addressing the needs of forward-thinking appliance manufacturers, and we have just the application you need for your connected kitchen appliances.

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