Grocery purchasing decisions account for $20 B in revenue potential daily, with a huge, 9.5% annual growth momentum. It should come as no surprise then that everyone’s jumping into the race for grocery shoppers’ hearts, and most importantly, their kitchens – where grocery purchasing and replenishment decisions are typically made. And as IoT (the Internet of Things) is bringing more and more interactive technology into the kitchen, it’s only natural for consumers, who’ve become accustomed to handling grocery shopping on their desktop computers and smartphones, to expect similar functionality and value from their increasingly IoT-powered kitchen appliances.

For you, the eGrocery platform provider, this means having to rapidly and dramatically up your game. To capitalize on the full potential of the transforming grocery retail landscape, you need to provide a holistic retail solution with personalized offer solutions baked right in. After all, if shoppers are going to be able to order and replenish grocery items right from their kitchen, it only makes sense that they be able to receive and respond to discounts and personalized offers there too. And this is exactly the functionality Freshub’s Smart Kitchen Commerce solution can help you provide them with.

Maintain competitive edge in a changing retail landscape… Embrace IoT-enabled retailing and Smart Kitchen Commerce, and make your eGrocery platform everything they can be.

Freshub, a leading provider of Smart Kitchen Commerce solutions, is ideally geared to address the needs of forward-thinking eGrocery platform providers, and we have just the application you need to expand your solutions to the connected kitchen.

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