Freshub’s groundbreaking Smart Kitchen Commerce solution, powered by technology enabling any grocery retailer to connect directly to the customer’s kitchen via IoT-driven smart appliances, enables consumers to easily add any grocery item to their carts or shopping lists, and to quickly order or replenish products at any time. Our application allows them to do so in the comfort of their own homes, right from their kitchen, via natural voice commands or with a simple wave of the hand. Freshub additionally helps consumers maximize savings by providing them with purchase history-driven personalized offers and discounts, and enabling them to easily calculate their potential savings.

We are ideally geared to lead IoT-driven Smart Kitchen Commerce with the following core technologies:

NUI (Natural User Interface)
A natural user interface (NUI) enables users to interact with computer systems via actions mimicking natural, everyday human behavior. Freshub’s pioneering NUI similarly allows consumers to perform a broad range of actions in a natural and intuitive manner, so as to provide them with enhanced shopper experience, all while optimizing performance and dramatically accelerating response times. Our NUI empowers consumers to identify products via computer vision technology, and to add products to their carts or shopping lists with spoken commands or natural hand gestures.

Speech Interpretation
Freshub’s Deep Learning Network-based Speech-To-Text capabilities enable us to process and quickly translate spoken user commands to practical retail shopping actions, such as item searches, discount lookups and add-to-cart.
Our technology utilizes highly granular product mapping models, and powerful, hierarchical keyword structure-driven NLP algorithms, allowing for high precision product and offer recognition, even on the basis of partial speech input, and capable of processing very large keyword volumes.

Retailer-Consumer Connectivity
Our state-of-the-art middleware platform provides seamless integration between retailer systems and shoppers’ homes, allowing for persistent retail brand presence via virtual supermarket storefronts established right in consumer kitchens.

Freshub’s connectivity middleware offers best-in-class grocery shopper experience with the following key capabilities:

  • Comprehensive real-time syncing of connected kitchen appliance-based storefronts and retailer Web/mobile shopping cart backend infrastructure
  • Full integration with and easy access to retailer shopping list management apps
  • Intuitive and versatile shopping cart content editing
  • Detailed, contextual display of available offers and coupons

Database & Catalog Mapping
Freshub’s massive database of more than a million confirmed products, coupled with our granular product mapping module, enables precise and detailed mapping of retailer portfolios of any scope or complexity.
Product mapping accommodates “Distance Scores” for products sharing the same designations, allowing consumers to easily identify the best, most affordable alternative to any scanned product, and enabling retailers to offer alternatives, should a desired item happen to be unavailable or temporarily out of stock.

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